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Five Words to Make Me Laugh/Smile

I stopped the Thirty Day Challenge because I couldn’t finish this stupid list.  I’ve come up with more now though!

Thirty Day Challenge: Five phrases/words that make you giggle/smile:

1. Bubbly. Say it out loud. It’s just so much fun!

2. Boobies. Okay, maybe this shouldn’t make me giggle like a middle schooler, but it’s just so silly!

3.  Clusterfuck. It’s just such a good word.  You have you use it sparingly  though or else it loses its power.

4. Fus ro dah.  I’m not exactly a gamer, but Jack has gotten me into Skyrim and it’s just such a good joke now.  I’m more likely to say “boosh ro” though because “fus” somehow sounds like “boosh” to me and I don’t have the “dah” yet. <watch this. You’ll understand.

5. Puppies. I really can’t even think about puppies without smiling.  Or babies, but that’s less acceptable so we’re gonna stick with puppies.


I’m clearly getting a ton of studying done.  Time to move on to Romeo and Juliet.


My Roommate is NOT a Ghost

My roommate is not a ghost!

I had an actual conversation with her! We’re both in the room right now.  It was kinda strange at first – I came back upstairs after doing my laundry to find her asleep in bed.  So I attempted to quietly put everything away then I went to the lounge to do work.  Fourish hours later she was still asleep!  It was kind of impressive and I was very jealous.

I came back from the lounge recently to find her finally awake.  We talked a little bit and now I’m taking a break from work and she’s on her computer. Or taking another nap. Can’t really tell from here.

Now I have to write an essay about the significance of words in Romeo and Juliet. So, back to that. Yay.

I wish I could just sleep.  Still recovering from a killer migraine from last night :/  Almost the weekend though! 🙂


More Montreal!


Thirty Day Challenge: something I miss

Time to read for fun. Seriously. I’m always reading like 4 books at a time here and I never have any time for the books I want to read just because they seem interesting. It’s kinda depressing.

I also miss playing soccer regularly. A lot.

My Roommate, the Ghost

So, I may have dropped off the face of the Earth for a week or so, but whatever.

It’s November 1st, so I am listening to Christmas music and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I wanted to start listening to it about two days ago but decided to wait until after Halloween.

Not that I even celebrated Halloween this year aside from the binging-on-candy part.  I was planning on it.  I even had a brilliant costume idea.  But then I didn’t feel that well and it was cold and rainy outside and I needed to go shopping to get the other half of my costume.  I’m kind of upset that I missed out on Halloween, but I’ll live.  I had a nice night, it just makes me a little sad seeing people’s pictures up in their costumes.

Since Montreal I haven’t really felt like going out.  I like going out, but I really can only do it so often and after going out three consecutive nights there I just haven’t felt like doing anything.  This resulted in me assisting with a party and proceeding to go next door to play my friend’s Kinnect or however you spell it rather than staying to party.  I stopped by for a grand total of two minutes.  It was a good night though – I also played a ton of cards and that was where most of the candy consumption took place.

In other news, I apparently have a ghost for a roommate.

Kelly moved in Monday.  I helped her rearrange furniture and whatnot and accommodated her.  I then informed her that, unfortunately, she moved in at the beginning of Humans vs. Zombies so I would be spending the entire week at Jack’s apartment, which is a more strategic location for the game.

I mean, I spend a lot of nights there anyway, but usually not that many school nights.  I spend every weekend there though, so I stayed there Friday and Saturday nights as well.  Then on Sunday he somehow talked me into sleeping there again.  Then yesterday was Halloween, so I stayed AGAIN, so now I’m finally back in my own room.

I’ve popped in and out a few times during the week to pick these up I needed, and I never saw her.  I thought it was a little weird but figured I must just be missing her.

So, today when I came back (for realsies), I talked to my suitemates who said that they had not encountered her at all in the week I’d been gone.  They hear her get up and shower early in the morning, but she never came and said hello to them.  I would’ve thought she would’ve at least asked them about their shower schedules to make sure she wasn’t going to wake up to take a shower only to realize someone else already was.  But, no.  Apparently, one of my suitemates once heard her in the bathroom and knocked. Kelly called “just a second!” and when she finally said “come in!” she was walking back into my (our) room.

She didn’t put any food in the fridge, nor other food in the food box.  She didn’t put her stuff in the bathroom drawer we emptied for her, or her toothbrush in the holder.  I mean, all her stuff’s here and it appears she’s been living here, but I’ve been home since 3 (running in and out a bit, but still) and still no sign of her, even though it’s already 9:30.  Maybe it’s because I’m somewhat of a homebody (Jack’s place counts as another home for me, for the record), but this seems really strange to me.

I don’t know if she’s avoiding the place or just incredibly busy. But even if she’s incredibly busy you’d think she’d pop in and say hello to the people she’s living with, right?

I’m a little confused and just a little concerned about the situation, but hopefully it’ll prove to be fine whenever she gets here.  If she gets here, at least.

Ahh, a girl from down the hall came by my room collecting money for domestic violence awareness and I legitimately have zero cash in my wallet.  I told her that but I’m sure she thought it was a feeble excuse.  I hate that.


Thirty Day Challenge: my academics

I’ve always gone to magnet schools, so I’ve had access to a lot of great academic programs and it’s been wonderful.  I place a huge value on education, and, as I’ve alluded to often enough, I go to UNC.  I’m a double major in English and Anthropology.  Clearly, I’m not science minded or math minded, but all the more power to those who are. I’m jealous. I love learning about people.  I’d love to take some psychology courses but haven’t managed to get into 101 yet.  My favorite topic is probably the Tudors. I’m also a fan of Shakespeare.


Montreal picture:

What My Future (Hopefully) Holds

“So, you’re clairvoyant, now, right? You can see past, present, and future all at the same time?”

“Oh, yeah!”

“Can you tell me how LOST ends?”

“Harry, there are some questions that even I can’t answer.”

-A Very Potter Musical
Harry and Dumbledore

What I want in my future.

I was to be established in a career, preferably as a book editor.  I want to get married and have 2 or 3 children – at least one boy and one girl (yes, I know you don’t get to pick. And if people are picking by the time I’m having babies I like to think that I wouldn’t choose the sex of my child).  I want to have traveled a lot and lived in another country for a year or two at least.  I wouldn’t mind even living in another country permanently, but I have no issue with staying in the U.S., as long as I get out for a little bit.  I was to still be having little adventures when I’m older and be reading for fun.  I also want to keep in shape.  Oh, and I want a dog.


I’m sitting in the Burlington, Vermont airport again on my way home.  I got here around 2 and my plane boards at 6:51, so it’s not 12 hours but it’s still not a very nice wait.  I’m trying to be productive and write my cover letter for a potential internship this summer, but that’s going really poorly so I’m destressing and writing this instead.  Maybe this’ll get me in gear to write better.  Like a warm-up.  Or maybe this is making it harder, because I don’t write very well on here – it’s very conversational.  Oh well.


Random picture:

Cute little toad Jack and I found while hiking this summer!

Yeah, my fingers are stubby. I know.


My Fears

Some random tidbits before I start on the Challenge:


“Does the madman know he is mad? Or are the madmen those who insist on convincing him of his unreason in order to safeguard their own idea of reality?”
Carlos Ruiz Zafon (Shadow of the Wind)

That’s a quote from one of my favorite books ever.  It’s something interesting to think about – not just in technicalities, but it challenges the way we define ourselves, the people around us, and the world as a whole.  Is it fair to label someone “crazy” just because they think differently?  And could it be dangerous to not identify some people as crazy, like those who are a danger to those around them or even themselves?

I’m not saying I’m not guilty of labeling people as crazy – I think my aunt’s entirely crazy and some of my other family members as well.  I do think that it’s something to contemplate, for sure.

Oh, Neville.


Anyway, my fears:

1. People breaking in.  I’m completely phobic about it.  It’s actually a huge problem.

2. Needles.  This one is a lot more rational – I’ve had a lot of awful experiences with them and they completely freak me out now.  I’ll let nurses give them to me, but they scare me so badly.

3. Being dependent on someone other than myself.  This is probably the biggest problem in my relationship right now.  I feel so emotionally dependent on Jack, which is not necessarily a bad thing in a serious relationship, but it scares the hell out of me and I find myself pushing him away sometimes because of it.

Those are the big ones.  I’m not going to include things that I have completely rational things of.  I mean, sure, I find snakes scary, but I don’t get upset every time I see a picture of one or even when I see one in general.  I’ve even touched snakes – in safely controlled environments, but still.  Then, you know, sharks, spiders, etc.  Anything that could kill me, I’d say I have a rational fear of.  I think that’s fair.


I’m going to do another Thirty Day Challenge now. Because I can.

Yes, I realize a day hasn’t passed since my last one.  I’m making up for lost time, since I skipped four or five this week.

Five Items I Lust After

I’m gonna stick with material things, as I’m guessing this is the object of this.  I could say more time or something, but I’ll resist.  Although I’m having trouble thinking of five specific material things.

1. Plane tickets.  To everywhere you could possibly imagine.  Singapore, Thailand, Czech Republic, Ghana, Argentina…

2. Clothes.  What my wardrobe would look like if I could afford it….unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I’m a cheapskate and the things I splurge on tend to be things like plane tickets, not clothes.  I would love some nice sweaters though, and a lot more boots.  And some nice scarves, but I’ve never understood paying more than $10ish for a scarf.  Also, I would buy a lot more socks.  I kinda have a thing for funny socks.

3. Books.  I can’t walk through Barnes and Noble without wanting about sixteen of them.  And yet I have so many at home I need to read I can’t justify buying them.  Currently wanting Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, and anything by Orson Scott Card

4. Food.  If I’m not eating, I’m probably thinking about what I would like to be eating at the moment.  Some common ones are: cappuccino milkshakes, frappuccinos, goldfish, chocolate, and smoothies.  I. Love. Food.

5. Naps.  I fantasize about napping a lot.  It’s a college problem.

my roommate last year napping like a champ

6. Soccer (sorry, I just thought of a sixth just now and I didn’t want to delete one!).  Sometimes I would rather play soccer than have any of the things listed above.  It’s a pretty big part of my identity, even if I don’t play anymore.  There’s something I get out of running around kicking a ball that  I simply can’t get from anything else.

Waiting on a Night Bus

I’m sitting in an airport in Burlington, Vermont (if you’re wondering what’s in Vermont, the answer is maple syrup and, as far as I know, nothing else), waiting on my bus.  It’s 12:41 at the moment, and my bus is due at 4:15. AM.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Anyway, I figured I’d write some while I’ve got some time to kill.  Considering I’ve got pretty much all my valuables with me and there is no security here as far as I can see, I’m a bit wary of napping and am attempting to stay awake the whole time.  This doesn’t seem to have bothered the man asleep across three chairs right by me, but whatever.

I flew out to D.C. at 8:30 (it was supposed to be 7:45), got there, and had to go straight to the next gate to make my connection here.  The flight from D.C. to Burlington was kind of awful.  I got to my seat, which turned out to be a guy who appeared to be not that much older than me.  I thought this would be a good thing – surely he’d talk to me, right?   I love meeting people, and will talk to pretty much anyone.

Well, wrong.  He looked exasperated as I sat down, which was, as far as I can figure, completely unwarranted.  I mean, I know I’m not exactly the epitome of grace or anything, but I don’t think I was being THAT much of a bumbling fool.  I struggled with my jacket a little bit, pushed my backpack under the seat in front of me, and sat.  I said hi as I sat down (southern hospitality!) and he completely ignored me.  I mean, he had his headphones in, but he had to have realized I was acknowledging him.

So, I wrote this guy off as a dick and pretty much just ignored him for the rest of the ride.

It was a very bumpy ride, and not because of the jerk sitting beside me.  It was a rainy day today – hence the delay in my first flight – and as we were flying at night, the pilot couldn’t see well enough to avoid the clouds.  So there was probably the worst turbulence I’ve ever experienced.

Normally I enjoy a little bit of turbulence (I know, I’m weird), but this was actually really nerve-wracking.  All the people around me were visibly nervous.  I really wanted to talk to someone as a distraction – I knew reading wouldn’t be enough to distract me, but the guy beside me looked resolutely ahead.  I could tell he was anxious, as he had been watching movies on his iPod and stopped whenever we hit heavy turbulence.

The turbulence we experienced didn’t really freak me out too much – it was the fear that we might hit an air pocket and drop a hundred feet or something.  That sounds awful.  Or even that we would just crash.

And now a lady also waiting on the bus is chatting with me, which is nice.  She’s headed to Boston though, which means she’ll be leaving in an hour.  She’s nice, though.  She’s from the Ukraine originally.

And….now I feel used because she just casually dropped that she’s short $25 for her ticket and she’s praying that she gets it.  I feel bad for her, but at the same time I’ve heard enough horror stories to know better than to pull my wallet out when someone asks for money because they’re liable to take the whole thing.  I don’t think she’d do that, but I’d rather be safe. :/

I guess I’ll do the next Thirty Day Challenge.  I’m not so good at this anymore.

Something I have trouble with.

Since my last challenge was spent praising myself, I’mma go ahead and even that out a little bit.

I have trouble with letting things go.  I’m very stubborn, and I can argue to the point of ridiculousness because I’m too proud to give up.  Even when I realize I’m doing it, I find it very difficult to stop.