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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

It’s exam time here.  The end of the semester has been crazy and I’ve been lazy, hence the lack of posts.  However, in the spirit of exams, here is my summary of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  My Shakespeare exam is tomorrow and I’ve been studying for it like mad, which includes writing out summaries of each of the plays.  This is the first one I did, and therefore the one I was the least brain-dead for.  Maybe someone will happen upon it who is also studying for Shakespeare and is sick of Sparknotes!

Warning: it’s a little bit explicit.  I apologize.  I didn’t write it with the intent of posting it.


A Midsummer Night’s Dream by HonestAmy

Theseus is the Duke of Athens. He’s all important and whatnot and he up and stole Hippolyta, who is Queen of the Amazons. Since he wrote his name on her or something, he decides he gets to keep her and forces her into marriage.

Then Egeus busts into the court and is like “this bitch is my daughter and she has opinions and you should tell her she’s not allowed to have any of those.”  Turns out, Egeus wants Hermia to marry Demetrius, but she wants to marry Lysander.

Problem here is that Lysander and Demetrius don’t really have any differences as far as wealth, age, good looks, etc.  Egeus is just being a stubborn butt-face and it’s not like Hermia’s (or his) social standing would be jeopardized by her marrying Lysander.  Besides, Hermia’s BFF Helena is in love with Demetrius and it would totally not be cool for Hermia to marry him.  Especially since he wooed Helena one time.

Because Theseus wears the pants in this kingdom, he gets the final say and tells Hermia that she has three choices: Demetrius, a convent, or death.  If you ask me, putting Demetrius on the same level as the other two doesn’t speak much for his merits, but whatever.

Since she’s a feisty little thing, Hermia decides to run away with Lysander into the woods.  The final destination is some relative’s house where they’ll marry (because this is Elizabethan era, and you don’t just run away and do it. You run away, get married, and then do it. Or that’s the official story you tell everyone, anyway).

Hermia is a good BFF, so she tells Helena what’s going on.  But Helena is a bad BFF and desperate and breaks friendship codes, telling Demetrius.  For whatever reason, she believes that telling Demetrius will make him love her.  Demetrius stalks Hermia into the woods and, naturally, Hermia stalked him.

In the forest, Oberon and Titania, king and queen of the fairies, are bickering over an Indian prince.  Titania’s friend died so she decided to take care of the little boy, but Oberon wanted the boy to come to the men’s side and be in his train.  They were upset and so they fucked up nature for everyone, because that’s a good solution, right?  They were also moody because each was jealous of the other, since Titania wants Theseus and Oberon has a hard on for Hippolyta or something.

Oberon, obviously a rational dude, decides that in order to punish Titania he’s going to send Puck to put magic flower juice on her eyelids so she’ll fall in love with the first thing she sees.  While he’s at it, he decides he might as well fix those silly mortals’ problems, and tells Puck to put it on Demetrius’ eyes so he won’t be such a douche-tool to Helena.

Things go wrong for so many reasons.  Puck sees an Athenian man, and figuring that there can’t be many of those wandering around the forest and it must be Demetrius, puts the love juice on him.  Lo and behold, it was actually Lysander.  Then, for kicks and giggles, Puck changes Bottom’s head into an ass’ head since Bottom is there with all the other town idiots practicing their play.

So, Puck puts the potion on Titania’s eyes, and when she wakes up, she sees Bottom.  Ass’ head and all.  And falls in love with him.  Bottom’s happy, Oberon’s amused, and the rest of the rustics are freaked the fuck out.

Back to the lovers – Lysander wakes up and falls in love with Helena.  To fix it, Puck puts the love juice  on Demetrius’ eyes, and he falls in love with Helena too.  Helena thinks  they’re messing with her and gets pissed and then Hermia’s upset and then they almost fight but don’t.

Everyone goes to sleep and Puck fixes everything and whatnot.  When they wake up, Titania realizes her wrongs, Demetrius loves Helena, Lysander loves Hermia again, etc.  Egeus, Theseus and co. show up and bring the couples back.  Theseus decides Egeus sucks and  that Hermia can marry Lysander and everyone is happy. Yay.

They all go to watch the play and it’s awful and they lol and live happily ever after.

The end.


Happy studying!


Canada, Eh?

So, despite the drama getting here, I’m in Montreal! Yay!  I got here around 2:30 yesterday, and Dan picked me up from the bus stop and we came back to his apartment to drop off my stuff.

Once that was done, I cleaned up a little (I was feeling pretty gross after 20 hours of travel) and we went out exploring a little bit.  We went through what’s known as the “underground city” some, which, despite the awesome name, turns out to just be a really large mall.  I mean, granted, it’s underground and it’s got zillions of stores, most of which I had never even heard of, but it’s still just a mall.

We also went to Montreal’s tiny but cute Chinatown, which is really only a block.  We went into a Chinese pastry shop and got doughnuts, which were definitely nothing like Krispy Kreme, but were delicious nonetheless.  We were planning on walking with our doughnuts, but between the time we went into the shop and paid, it had started pouring.  So we waited it out inside and then explored some more.

We got dinner at a burger joint that liked to pretend it was all fancy.  It was quite odd and I had a lot of trouble with the menu.  Although he gave us the English menus, there was a enough French on them that I had absolutely no idea what half of it said.

After going back for some much needed rest, we went out to the QAC, which is the alcohol store here.  I was seriously tempted by the Kahlua, but they only sold it in really large bottles, and as I can’t bring it back (I traveled carry-on), it would’ve been a waste of money.  Instead I (legally!!) bought a little bottle of Bailey’s, Dan got some gin, and we went to the grocery store and got ice cream.

Back at his place, I had Bailey’s milkshakes (not as good as Kahlua milkshakes (I know, I know, I have cheap tastes)), and Dan had gin and tonics and we watched Clueless.  It was fabulous.

Brief background story before going into the next part of this: over the summer on my trip to Alaska I made friends with this guy Suresh who goes to McGill.  I told him I had a friend here, but he said he didn’t know Dan when I asked.  A few weeks ago they just happened to meet, so now they know each other, which makes my life easier).

So, after Clueless, Suresh came over and we all went out to The Factory, which is a bar here.  I didn’t really dress up, because I didn’t realize that it was going to be more like a club than a bar – there was a DJ and pretty much everyone was dancing.  Seems like a club to me.  I had a lot of fun people-watching.  I was simultaneously grossed out and amused when the guy near us straight up started fingering the girl he was dancing with.  To my amazement, she didn’t stop him – it went on for several minutes!  I mean, his hand was up her skirt.  Seriously, people?

Today Daniel and I went to the old city, which was really awesome.  I’ll put up some pictures later.  We went into a maple store, where I got a piece of maple candy and a maple latte.  They were both amazing!  Also, we went into a super touristy shop so I could pick up something for Jack and I got him a shot glass that has the “Canadian triathlon” on it. It’s got a little man running from bear, swimming away from a whale, and climbing a tree to avoid a moose.

Montreal is really awesome.  It’s pretty European, but as I’ve never been to France it’s really unique to me.  I knew it was francophone, but I thought the English influence was greater than it is.  Most things aren’t translated to English, and as I’ve only ever learned Spanish this makes things difficult at times.  Luckily, Spanish and French are close enough that I can read a decent amount of the French.

Pig Racing, the Zipper, and Deep-Fried Deliciousness

So, I really shouldn’t even be writing right now, even if I haven’t written since Thursday (or whenever that last post was).  I’ve been mad busy lately.

On Friday Jack and I went and watched the volleyball game and then Late Night with Roy, which is the pre-season basketball show at my school.  It was fantastic – the women’s basketball team went first, and then the men’s basketball team came out.  The women’s was great, but, like most of the school, I’ve never even a women’s basketball game.

The men’s team came out next and they were sooo funny.  They did 5 or 6 choreographed dances, which was fantastic.  Kendall Marshall, who is in my opinion our best player, was not afraid to get it on the dance floor!  And Tyler Zeller was so incredibly awkward, poor thing.

I had a headache the whole time though and it kept getting worse and worse.  The show was so funny though, I really didn’t want to leave.  I had to step out right before they started scrimmaging though, because I felt like I was going to throw up (yay migraines…every noise made me feel a little more nauseated).  So I left and Jack came with me (he’s such a sweetheart.  I told him he could stay but he wanted to come take care of me).  The walk back to my dorm wasn’t long, but every single step made my head throb and it was just awful.  We were supposed to go out with Gracie that night (she was visiting…again. Seems like she’s here more than half of the time), but I obviously couldn’t.  I went to sleep and poor Jack slept on the futon rather than going home.

So the next morning Jack and I went to see my parents and some of their friends in some parking deck where they were tailgating.  It was parents weekend so mine came down for the football game.  We went up pretty early, and I had my coffee mug with me.  I got there and was immediately asked: “So….what’s in the mug?” “Uh…coffee?”

I got asked at least 3 or 4 times – once by my parents – what was in my mug.  It’s ten in the morning and I’m going to see my parents…there is coffee in my mug.  That is all.

Anyway, Jack and I played corn hole against my Dad and his friend and lost magnificently in the first game.  We almost won the second.

So, we left for the game against Miami, where we sat with Jack’s parents.  We lost, which sucked, but we ALMOST won it in the end.  Oh well.

That night, Jack and I met Ty and Gracie (who’re kinda dating) for dessert at Sugarland, the BEST dessert shop ever.  Then Jack and I headed back to his place, where we did homework like all the cool kids.

Sunday we went to the State Fair with Gracie and Ty!  I LOVEEEE LOVE LOVE the fair.  It’s one of my favorite things about October.  My favorite ride, the Zipper, was closed until the very end, so I almost didn’t get to ride it, but I did!

 The Zipper!


Of course, the food was awesome too.  I probably gained at least 5 pounds, if not more.  I ate: a deep fried Three Musketeers, a smoothie, chocolate dipped strawberries, roasted corn, and a cinnamon bun (which was actually really disappointing).

And we got to watch pig racing, which was absolutely adorable.

Anyhoo, I’m leaving for Montreal today!  I need to get back to class now though.

Mainstream Music. And Other Ramblings.

So Ted’s dad was here and he’s from upstate New York, ex-military, and part deaf, so I’m sure you can imagine he’s not a quiet man.  Every time he’s here I feel like I’m going to jump out of my skin.  Or just punch him in the face.  I was trying to read Shakespeare when he got here and quickly gave up on that idea.  Luckily, he didn’t stay for long because he was just picking up Ted and his girlfriend Erin to bring them back home for the night.

So last night was interesting.  We had a masquerade party, which was pretty fabulous.  Moe, who turns out to be surprisingly artistic, designed most of my mask for me (we got blank masks from A.C. Moore and then decorated them with glitter glue) and it was really pretty.  Before the party, a bunch of the boys thew around a football in the yard while Gracie (who’s visiting from her school) and Erin watched and I juggled a soccer ball by myself (I hit 85! Not a record, but still exciting).  That was especially sad because the only reason we went outside to play was that I convinced Jack, Moe, Steven (just assume anyone I introduce has had their name changed), Ted, and Sam to come out and play soccer with me but Ted decided to bring a football and messed it all up.

They did play soccer with me eventually though which was really nice.  I’ve been dying to play for so long.  I used to play competitively but I’ve stopped now. I miss it more than I can say.


So, quickly (because this topic doesn’t interest me all that much), Thirty Day Challenge: how I feel about mainstream music.

So, that’s a pretty broad category, because any type of music can make it into the top 40, especially recently.  I really don’t listen to the radio because they overplay songs until I get really sick of them, but I like a lot of mainstream music.  It’s generally very catchy and not all that serious, and it’s fun occasionally.  I have a very broad taste though, and I wouldn’t say any of my favorites are mainstream (well, except Adele, who has recently gotten very popular).  I have nothing against it like so many people do because it’s “cool” or “hipster” or whatever to reject anything popular…really, I think it’s silly to dislike something solely because other people like it.  We all know that person who likes something until it gets popular and then insists that they hate it.

I’d say my favorite bands/musicians are (at the moment): Arctic Monkeys, Matchbox Twenty, The Kooks, Adele, Jason Mraz, Josh Groban (this is a recently developed love), and Maroon 5.  I also really love Ke$ha, actually, but I don’t know if I’d call her a favorite. Close call.  I’ve seen Arctic Monkeys in concert once and am going again in two weeks (SO EXCITED!), and I’ve seen Jason Mraz.  Both are absolutely incredible live, if you ever get the opportunity.


In other news, I’m super excited for tonight because Jack, Moe and I are having take two of last Saturday, possibly with Sam this time.  We have leftover s’more materials and will be making those (I’m getting hungry just thinking about it), watching the football game (we’re playing ECU.  ECU students are going absolutely insane over this, pretending it’s a rivalry game, which is ridiculous.  Our rival is Duke, and if we had another, it would be NC State).  We’re also planning on watching a Disney movie (we were hoping for The Lion King but haven’t found a means of procuring it) and Better off Ted, which is a hilarious TV show.

For now, though, I need to go back to reading Shakespeare.  Gotta read 1 King Henry IV by Monday.

All I Wanted Was a Bag of M&Ms….

…and this is what happened.

And then it turned out my wonderful boyfriend had bought me a bunch of yogurt-covered pretzels anyway and life was good.



So, I made a youtube account specifically to put my videos of Mumble online so I could post them here. Sooo….there they are!

And then Picasso Impregnated Sirius Black…

So, my homework really sucks right now, so instead of doing that I opted to write yet another post. Yayyy….

I’m sure once the novelty of this whole blog thing wears off I won’t be writing like four times a day, but until then….I have a lot to say.

I thought I’d explain the background image on my site.  That was my sister’s (we’re gonna call her Elizabeth) hamster who died three or four years ago.  His name was Picasso.  Picasso was really awesome – I have some really great pictures of him, too.  He liked to climb stairs.

By which I mean, I liked to put him on a step until he got bored of being confined to said step and decided to do something about it.  (He is not, however, to be outdone by Mumble, who, though half his size, can also climb those same steps.  I have a video but for whatever reason can’t upload it. Boo)

His other activities included being cute:

And being bffles with my hamster, Sirius Black.  Now, I thought Sirius was a boy (hence the name Sirius).  When we got Sirius and Picasso from the pet store, they told us as much, as we let them live together.  And they may have had a little bit too much fun, because Sirius’ belly started growing very, very rapidly.  I was confused at first – how is he getting so fat so quickly? But then something clicked.  I did some research, went to Petsmart and bought a new cage because (fun fact:) male hamsters like to eat their babies so you have to separate them.  Because, yes. Sirius Black was a girl.  A very pregnant girl.  Another fun fact: the gestation period for a hamster is nine days.  Andddd yet another: when mommy hamsters get overwhelmed, they eat their babies.  Thus, even though she had ten, Sirius ended up with the two showed with her in the picture below:

And that, my friends, is how Picasso knocked up Sirius Black.


Also, please note:

1. I am not a hamster freak. Promise.

2. Despite the above assertion, I have TONS of good hamster pictures and had to restrain myself from just posting them all.  I probably will continue to post more sporadically.