Exciting Update & Some Stories from Abroad

BIG NEWS: my boyfriend and I got an internship in Indonesia for this summer and will spend six weeks teaching English in a village!!  After that we’re going to backpack for a month.  Absolutely cannot wait.  If anybody reading has any advice, stories, etc about Indonesia/Southeast Asia I would love to hear it.  I’ve done a lot of the basic research but hearing from people with experience there is always helpful.

On that note, I wanted to talk a bit about one of my favorite things about having an international group of friends, as I did in Glasgow.

Language barriers.  They cause a surprising amount of amusement as well as confusion.  Before I go into this and offend anyone, let me say this: I was constantly impressed with my friends’ grasp of English.  I’ve taken 6.5 years of Spanish and am nowhere close to fluent, but the people I”m talking about had without a doubt achieved fluency.  Their vocabulary impressed me and the fact that I didn’t need to slow down or use small words will always be incredible to me, as I know I would not fare so well in a Spanish-speaking country.

So, without further ado, a few of my favorite anecdotes:

– My friend Luisa is from Mexico.  I was at her flat and to use the restroom I had to go through her room.  It was kind of messy and the duvet (comforter) was on the floor.  Explaining this to me, she looked at me sadly and said: “I wet the bed.”  I was slightly baffled and didn’t know whether to laugh or not and just repeated her: “You wet the bed???”  She responded: “Yes, I had a water bottle and I thought it was closed and it wasn’t and the bed got wet!”  Needless to say, once I explained what “wetting the bed” actually meant we had a pretty good laugh.

– My Dutch friend got a little bit confused while attempting to remember how to translate something.  He asked “What do you put babies in?  Wait, wait don’t tell me, I know this…a coffin!”  He realized his mistake pretty immediately…there is a pretty big difference between cradle and coffin!

-The same Dutch friend was telling a story about a crazy night and said: “Yeah, and I was so drunk I just passed away!”  Oops.

[Side note, another funny story: I once accidentally kissed that Dutch friend.  When I say accidentally, I don’t mean I got drunk and did something I regretted.  I mean we were in a loud club and he was leaning in to kiss my cheek.  Me and my awkward self thought he was leaning over to say something to me and turned to him like “whaaaa?” and my mouth collided with his.  It was just a little bit awkward.]

And finally, two pictures from Glasgow City Chambers:

Inside the City Chambers of Glasgow

Inside the City Chambers of Glasgow

This Lord Provost of Glasgow didn't go for the traditional painting or portrait...

This Lord Provost of Glasgow didn’t go for the traditional painting or portrait…



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