It’s a Love Story

Excuse the T-Swift reference, it was the first thing that popped into my head as a title and it just kinda stuck.  I apologize.

So, I have another story for you guys today.  Kind of long, but here goes:

When I first met Seth I was wearing my whale rain boots, sitting on the floor of the library reading from an anthology for my English 120 class.  I was sitting outside the door of a screening room, waiting to see a film for my Shakespeare class.  He came and stood beside where I sat.  When he started chatting with me, I thought nothing of it.  Because we were talking we sat together in the room when it was time to walk in.

When he came and sat next to me in our next class period I still thought nothing of it.  He was nice and funny and I enjoyed talking to him.  I had a boyfriend, he had a girlfriend.  We became friends, and started getting lunch at the dining hall together a couple times a week.

That’s my perspective.  I only learned his about a week ago, but here’s what happened:

He got to the library for the movie viewing.  There were two rooms and he set his stuff down outside one.  He went to the bathroom and when he returned, he saw me sitting outside the other room and felt like he needed to talk to me.  So he picked up his stuff and moved over next to me, where he stood for several minutes trying to figure out how to strike up a conversation.  Finally he decided to just talk about what I was reading, as he was also in English 120.

Normally, Seth would go to breakfast after his 8 am class.  In order to have lunch with me he started getting up earlier to eat before class so he’d be hungry again by the time I was free to eat lunch.

Our lunches were enjoyable and we talked about everything.  We got along really well and talked easily.

He would invite me to do things with his other friends sometimes, which I always rejected.  I wanted to go, but Jack didn’t like him, although he would never say so.  We kept having lunch, though, and sitting together in class.

I was in the airport about to leave for Glasgow when Seth texted me to wish me safe travels.  I realized he had no idea about my dad, and had to force myself to tell him.  I hadn’t had to tell many people – Jack had mostly done that for me.

While I was in Glasgow my relationship with Jack suffered heavily.  I never wanted to talk to him anymore.  I depended heavily on my friends there and, increasingly, Seth.

Seth was one of my only friends who actually checked up on me regularly while I was gone.  The girl who was supposed to be my best friend contacted me two or three times over five months.  I was the one struggling, grieving, the one who needed her, and yet I contacted her probably three times as often.

When I got home Seth and I met up twice over the summer.  In August Jack and I finally broke up.

Back at school Seth and I became closer and closer, and soon enough he was my best friend.  He was the one who could always cheer me up, make me laugh.  We understood each other, and he depended on me for help too.

I had feelings for him, probably had for a long time, but I was in denial.  I was starting to realize he had feelings for me too, which I worked even harder to deny.  I tried to friend-zone him over and over again, telling him about the dates I went on and asking him about his girlfriend.

When Seth realized he needed to break up with Sadie I helped him talk through it.  I liked Sadie and I didn’t want them to break up because I worried that if they did Seth and I would end up together and ruin our friendship.  I was still in denial.  The night they broke up I was on a date.

I got home and soon after he texted me that they had broken up.  He was upset, and I went over.  We stayed up all night talking and watching How I Met Your Mother.

Three days later he was at my apartment and we were lying on the couch watching A Very Potter Musical.  He turned and faced me, his face close to mine, too close.  It had gotten dark.  I was thinking Oh god, I should move, I shouldn’t let this happen, it’s too soon, I don’t want to ruin our friendship.

I didn’t move, and that first kiss was incredible.  I freaked out a little afterwards but he kept kissing me until I had to kick him out…because I had a second date with that other guy.

My second date didn’t go well – I couldn’t stop thinking about Seth.  I went on a third date with him anyway (so much denial), which was awkward and kind of disastrous.

At this point I finally realized what is now glaringly obvious: there was no escaping this.  Seth and I were always going to end up together, we were always drawn to each other.  It took me a long time to accept it, it took him a long time to get out of a long term, long distance relationship he had settled for, but we are so happy.


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