Puerto Rico

In the beginning of January my mom, Grandma, sister, and I went on vacation to Puerto Rico.  I can’t really say that I’m a big fan of the whole huge sky-scraper hotel thing.  I had a view of the beach from my window, but I felt it was marred by hotels:

Puerto Rico

Not that I can really complain.  But overall I really enjoyed the island.  We stayed in San Juan, and while the part we stayed in was much too commercial and touristy for my tastes, our trips away from the area were fantastic.

We explored the old town which was really interesting.  I really felt like we got a taste of Puerto Rico’s history – I loved the mix of colonial and Latin architecture and we visited the old forts.  One of them, El Morro, is shaped like a bull’s head, an unmistakable mark of the Spanish.

My favorite day was when we went into the rain forest.  We didn’t get to hike as much as I would have liked because my grandma couldn’t come and we didn’t want to leave her too long, but what we saw of El Yunque was incredible.  We hiked a little ways to a waterfall that everyone swims it.  We swam a tiny bit and then continued hiking.

Not many people continued on past that waterfall, and we found many more swimming spots, almost all of them vacant.  The forest was amazing and these natural pools even better.  On our way back down we stopped to swim in one and clamber around some on the rocks.  It was so surreal, swimming in beautiful, clear water in a rain forest leading up to a waterfall.  I was totally in awe.

Unfortunately, I have misplaced my camera cord and only have the pictures I took on my iPod on my computer.  I wanted to put up pictures of the place we swam but that’ll have to wait.

We also took a boat to a beautiful uninhabited beach and went snorkeling.  Pictures to come whenever I manage to get them on the computer!

I would recommend traveling to Puerto Rico for anyone outdoorsy who wants an active but still relaxing vacation.  The hiking was easy and enjoyable, although I did read that there were more vigorous trails as well.  The nature there is stunning and you can be active and enjoy it without exerting yourself too much.  I would definitely say that staying outside of San Juan would probably be the best option, though.


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