Last Ramblings Before Study Abroad!

So, this has been an interesting experience thus far.  It turns out  that I am not good at keeping up a blog once the initial excitement is over.  However, my parents/grandma are expecting a blog when I study abroad (I’m leaving in ten days! Scary!), so I guess I’m going to continue writing these.  I guess I’ll keep up with this one for musings that don’t pertain to my travels.

If anyone is reading this and would like to continue to do so, now would be the time to let me know.  Otherwise I don’t know that I’ll write again until June unless I find myself with free times or thoughts that I just must express.

So, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!  I’m going to go read the book I need to finish before I leave for the UK.  I haven’t made a lot of progress and it’s rather heavy so I’d rather not lug it with me.


Just realized I didn’t finish the Thirty Day Challenge. Fail.


Random photo from Montreal


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