Five Words to Make Me Laugh/Smile

I stopped the Thirty Day Challenge because I couldn’t finish this stupid list.  I’ve come up with more now though!

Thirty Day Challenge: Five phrases/words that make you giggle/smile:

1. Bubbly. Say it out loud. It’s just so much fun!

2. Boobies. Okay, maybe this shouldn’t make me giggle like a middle schooler, but it’s just so silly!

3.  Clusterfuck. It’s just such a good word.  You have you use it sparingly  though or else it loses its power.

4. Fus ro dah.  I’m not exactly a gamer, but Jack has gotten me into Skyrim and it’s just such a good joke now.  I’m more likely to say “boosh ro” though because “fus” somehow sounds like “boosh” to me and I don’t have the “dah” yet. <watch this. You’ll understand.

5. Puppies. I really can’t even think about puppies without smiling.  Or babies, but that’s less acceptable so we’re gonna stick with puppies.


I’m clearly getting a ton of studying done.  Time to move on to Romeo and Juliet.


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