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Last Ramblings Before Study Abroad!

So, this has been an interesting experience thus far.  It turns out  that I am not good at keeping up a blog once the initial excitement is over.  However, my parents/grandma are expecting a blog when I study abroad (I’m leaving in ten days! Scary!), so I guess I’m going to continue writing these.  I guess I’ll keep up with this one for musings that don’t pertain to my travels.

If anyone is reading this and would like to continue to do so, now would be the time to let me know.  Otherwise I don’t know that I’ll write again until June unless I find myself with free times or thoughts that I just must express.

So, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!  I’m going to go read the book I need to finish before I leave for the UK.  I haven’t made a lot of progress and it’s rather heavy so I’d rather not lug it with me.


Just realized I didn’t finish the Thirty Day Challenge. Fail.


Random photo from Montreal


Five Words to Make Me Laugh/Smile

I stopped the Thirty Day Challenge because I couldn’t finish this stupid list.  I’ve come up with more now though!

Thirty Day Challenge: Five phrases/words that make you giggle/smile:

1. Bubbly. Say it out loud. It’s just so much fun!

2. Boobies. Okay, maybe this shouldn’t make me giggle like a middle schooler, but it’s just so silly!

3.  Clusterfuck. It’s just such a good word.  You have you use it sparingly  though or else it loses its power.

4. Fus ro dah.  I’m not exactly a gamer, but Jack has gotten me into Skyrim and it’s just such a good joke now.  I’m more likely to say “boosh ro” though because “fus” somehow sounds like “boosh” to me and I don’t have the “dah” yet. <watch this. You’ll understand.

5. Puppies. I really can’t even think about puppies without smiling.  Or babies, but that’s less acceptable so we’re gonna stick with puppies.


I’m clearly getting a ton of studying done.  Time to move on to Romeo and Juliet.

Books You Must Read, Mumble Climbs the Stairs, and a Bird

Because I don’t want to study yet, books everyone should read:

1. Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafron

2. Ender’s Game / Ender’s Shadow by Orson Scott Card

3. Enchantment by Orson Scott Card

4.  Something by John Green (Not a book called “Something,” but really just any one of his books)

5. The Boleyn Inheritance and The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory

6. Harry Potter series. But that should go without saying.

I’m sure I’ll think of more later.


Mumble climbs the stairs! I posted a video of this earlier, but I just found the pictures.

Some random bird I saw in Florida a year or two ago.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

It’s exam time here.  The end of the semester has been crazy and I’ve been lazy, hence the lack of posts.  However, in the spirit of exams, here is my summary of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  My Shakespeare exam is tomorrow and I’ve been studying for it like mad, which includes writing out summaries of each of the plays.  This is the first one I did, and therefore the one I was the least brain-dead for.  Maybe someone will happen upon it who is also studying for Shakespeare and is sick of Sparknotes!

Warning: it’s a little bit explicit.  I apologize.  I didn’t write it with the intent of posting it.


A Midsummer Night’s Dream by HonestAmy

Theseus is the Duke of Athens. He’s all important and whatnot and he up and stole Hippolyta, who is Queen of the Amazons. Since he wrote his name on her or something, he decides he gets to keep her and forces her into marriage.

Then Egeus busts into the court and is like “this bitch is my daughter and she has opinions and you should tell her she’s not allowed to have any of those.”  Turns out, Egeus wants Hermia to marry Demetrius, but she wants to marry Lysander.

Problem here is that Lysander and Demetrius don’t really have any differences as far as wealth, age, good looks, etc.  Egeus is just being a stubborn butt-face and it’s not like Hermia’s (or his) social standing would be jeopardized by her marrying Lysander.  Besides, Hermia’s BFF Helena is in love with Demetrius and it would totally not be cool for Hermia to marry him.  Especially since he wooed Helena one time.

Because Theseus wears the pants in this kingdom, he gets the final say and tells Hermia that she has three choices: Demetrius, a convent, or death.  If you ask me, putting Demetrius on the same level as the other two doesn’t speak much for his merits, but whatever.

Since she’s a feisty little thing, Hermia decides to run away with Lysander into the woods.  The final destination is some relative’s house where they’ll marry (because this is Elizabethan era, and you don’t just run away and do it. You run away, get married, and then do it. Or that’s the official story you tell everyone, anyway).

Hermia is a good BFF, so she tells Helena what’s going on.  But Helena is a bad BFF and desperate and breaks friendship codes, telling Demetrius.  For whatever reason, she believes that telling Demetrius will make him love her.  Demetrius stalks Hermia into the woods and, naturally, Hermia stalked him.

In the forest, Oberon and Titania, king and queen of the fairies, are bickering over an Indian prince.  Titania’s friend died so she decided to take care of the little boy, but Oberon wanted the boy to come to the men’s side and be in his train.  They were upset and so they fucked up nature for everyone, because that’s a good solution, right?  They were also moody because each was jealous of the other, since Titania wants Theseus and Oberon has a hard on for Hippolyta or something.

Oberon, obviously a rational dude, decides that in order to punish Titania he’s going to send Puck to put magic flower juice on her eyelids so she’ll fall in love with the first thing she sees.  While he’s at it, he decides he might as well fix those silly mortals’ problems, and tells Puck to put it on Demetrius’ eyes so he won’t be such a douche-tool to Helena.

Things go wrong for so many reasons.  Puck sees an Athenian man, and figuring that there can’t be many of those wandering around the forest and it must be Demetrius, puts the love juice on him.  Lo and behold, it was actually Lysander.  Then, for kicks and giggles, Puck changes Bottom’s head into an ass’ head since Bottom is there with all the other town idiots practicing their play.

So, Puck puts the potion on Titania’s eyes, and when she wakes up, she sees Bottom.  Ass’ head and all.  And falls in love with him.  Bottom’s happy, Oberon’s amused, and the rest of the rustics are freaked the fuck out.

Back to the lovers – Lysander wakes up and falls in love with Helena.  To fix it, Puck puts the love juice  on Demetrius’ eyes, and he falls in love with Helena too.  Helena thinks  they’re messing with her and gets pissed and then Hermia’s upset and then they almost fight but don’t.

Everyone goes to sleep and Puck fixes everything and whatnot.  When they wake up, Titania realizes her wrongs, Demetrius loves Helena, Lysander loves Hermia again, etc.  Egeus, Theseus and co. show up and bring the couples back.  Theseus decides Egeus sucks and  that Hermia can marry Lysander and everyone is happy. Yay.

They all go to watch the play and it’s awful and they lol and live happily ever after.

The end.


Happy studying!