Still Black, Still Proud

I don’t even know what I want to write about right now. I just kinda want to write things.

I’m in the dining hall at the moment waiting for Jack.  I just worked on my Spanish project with two guys on my class.  It’s kinda awful.  We have to make a video and let me tell you, I am no actress.  Nor are my fellow group members actors.  It’s extremely painful shooting it and struggling not to giggle.

And now I’m traveling around with a full trash bag, feeling like a sketchball.  It contains Soltero, our fourth group number who just so happens to be a stuffed bear.  It also contains Soltero’s friend, a grody unnamed stuffed polar bear.

Yesterday was probably my most eventful day of work ever.  I worked an event called “Still Black, Still Proud” – a tribute to James Brown.  The audience was a crazy mix of people.  A group organized a dance competition in the lobby so when we opened doors I saw grandmas dancing with grandpas, hippie college students, a guy with alternating orange and black toenails, and a lot of middle-aged black women.  Basically, it was the best dance competition I have ever seen (not that I’ve seen all that many).

Side note: the girl near me at the table is complaining about the Christmas music playing.  Bitch needs to learn to appreciate!

Back to my eventful day of work: so after this fantastic dance competition (during which I saw an old man slide on his knees down a soul train), I was showing people to their seats.  I led this 60ish-year-old woman to her seat as she chattered about loving to dance.  She then turned to me, looked me in the eye and pointing a finger right in my face, and said: “Remember, you are never too old to get stoned.”  She continued to look at me, waiting for an answer so, writhing with discomfort I said “Umm…thanks.”  Satisfied, she sat down and I walked back up the aisle trying not to laugh aloud.

On an entirely other note: on Saturday I’m going to a military ball.  This is especially strange since Jack is not in the military.  However, two of our ROTC friends are dating even though they’re not really supposed  to be, as they’re both navy, and they’re can’t go together. Thus, Jack is going with Moe’s girlfriend, Sylvia, and I am going with Moe.  Should be interesting.  It severely limits my Spanish-taping time, however.

I’ve never really had to do a project involving filming before and suddenly I have two. It’s really stressing me out.


This is at the U.S. – Canada border.  I actually got yelled at by Customs for taking this picture, so it’s totally illegal. Enjoy 🙂


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