Politics Suck.

I hate politics.

I don’t say that because it confuses me or because it’s too hard to keep up with. (Although, not gonna lie, I do have issues with both of those things.)

The real issue is that I full-heartedly believe that politicians are complete scumbags.  They say whatever the hell they believe is going to get them elected and then proceed to do entirely different things based not on what they believe needs to be done, but on what they think they need to do to stay in office.

Debates and campaign promises are all fine and  dandy until you realize that there’s no guarantee that the candidates will uphold those commitments once they’re instated.  So I go from listening to them and trying to decide who’s got the best goals and beliefs to psychoanalyzing them and trying to figure out who’s the most likely to actually do what they’ve promised.  I go very quickly from supporting someone who seems to want what I want to supporting the guy who’s saying unpopular things that no one wants to hear, because his motivations are probably (hopefully) purer.

It’s just such bullshit.

My biggest issue is that I don’t even know how to rectify the situation.  It’s so ingrained in politics that I can’t imagine politics without it.  There are a lot of changes I’d like to make to the system to make it less corrupt, but I don’t really think any of  those things would really fully fix the problem.  Not that anyone would make the changes I’d like to see.

I would love campaigns to be extremely limited.  Basically, each candidate would get a chart to fill out with how they feel about each issue and how they think it should be handled.  Then they have an extra space at the bottom for any extra platforms.  That’s it.  No commercials, no billboards that make you want to vote for someone because his eyes are twinkly or her smile’s extra white.  Charisma isn’t the winner here – heart-felt belief is.

I mean, of course that doesn’t guarantee they’ll actually go through with what they put down.  My issue is that people get sucked in by likable personalities.  This also means that whoever has the resources is more likely to get voted for because people feel more comfortable voting for you when they’re more familiar with you.

I would keep debates.  Debates are vital.  I just wish people would say what they mean.

Another thing I would do away with is reelection.  That way, when a President was in office he wouldn’t be so concerned with staying popular so he could get reelected.  I was talking about Obama’s stance (or lack thereof) on gay rights with Jack and Jack said that he thought Obama would work towards legalizing gay marriage when (and if…but probably just when) he gets reelected because he’s worried that if he pushes it people won’t vote for him.

I have such a serious issue with that.  Mainly, what’s more important here: you getting to be president for four more years or the rights of thousands and thousands of people?  Ego check, it’s the latter.  Because what if he doesn’t get reelected?  Not one single one of the Republican candidates would support gay marriage, so that’s another 4 years at the very least before the issue is even considered in a favorable light again.  Not only that, but you are supposed to bettering the country, not stalling four years before actually doing something.

I’m also mad at Obama because one of his campaign promises was to close Guantanamo Bay.  Guess what’s still not closed?

However mad I am at Obama, however, I still think he’s better than any of the Republican candidates.

Sadly, that wasn’t even close to a full summary of my issues with politics.

In sum, politics can suck it.

The end.


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