My Roommate is NOT a Ghost

My roommate is not a ghost!

I had an actual conversation with her! We’re both in the room right now.  It was kinda strange at first – I came back upstairs after doing my laundry to find her asleep in bed.  So I attempted to quietly put everything away then I went to the lounge to do work.  Fourish hours later she was still asleep!  It was kind of impressive and I was very jealous.

I came back from the lounge recently to find her finally awake.  We talked a little bit and now I’m taking a break from work and she’s on her computer. Or taking another nap. Can’t really tell from here.

Now I have to write an essay about the significance of words in Romeo and Juliet. So, back to that. Yay.

I wish I could just sleep.  Still recovering from a killer migraine from last night :/  Almost the weekend though! 🙂


More Montreal!


Thirty Day Challenge: something I miss

Time to read for fun. Seriously. I’m always reading like 4 books at a time here and I never have any time for the books I want to read just because they seem interesting. It’s kinda depressing.

I also miss playing soccer regularly. A lot.


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