My Roommate, the Ghost

So, I may have dropped off the face of the Earth for a week or so, but whatever.

It’s November 1st, so I am listening to Christmas music and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I wanted to start listening to it about two days ago but decided to wait until after Halloween.

Not that I even celebrated Halloween this year aside from the binging-on-candy part.  I was planning on it.  I even had a brilliant costume idea.  But then I didn’t feel that well and it was cold and rainy outside and I needed to go shopping to get the other half of my costume.  I’m kind of upset that I missed out on Halloween, but I’ll live.  I had a nice night, it just makes me a little sad seeing people’s pictures up in their costumes.

Since Montreal I haven’t really felt like going out.  I like going out, but I really can only do it so often and after going out three consecutive nights there I just haven’t felt like doing anything.  This resulted in me assisting with a party and proceeding to go next door to play my friend’s Kinnect or however you spell it rather than staying to party.  I stopped by for a grand total of two minutes.  It was a good night though – I also played a ton of cards and that was where most of the candy consumption took place.

In other news, I apparently have a ghost for a roommate.

Kelly moved in Monday.  I helped her rearrange furniture and whatnot and accommodated her.  I then informed her that, unfortunately, she moved in at the beginning of Humans vs. Zombies so I would be spending the entire week at Jack’s apartment, which is a more strategic location for the game.

I mean, I spend a lot of nights there anyway, but usually not that many school nights.  I spend every weekend there though, so I stayed there Friday and Saturday nights as well.  Then on Sunday he somehow talked me into sleeping there again.  Then yesterday was Halloween, so I stayed AGAIN, so now I’m finally back in my own room.

I’ve popped in and out a few times during the week to pick these up I needed, and I never saw her.  I thought it was a little weird but figured I must just be missing her.

So, today when I came back (for realsies), I talked to my suitemates who said that they had not encountered her at all in the week I’d been gone.  They hear her get up and shower early in the morning, but she never came and said hello to them.  I would’ve thought she would’ve at least asked them about their shower schedules to make sure she wasn’t going to wake up to take a shower only to realize someone else already was.  But, no.  Apparently, one of my suitemates once heard her in the bathroom and knocked. Kelly called “just a second!” and when she finally said “come in!” she was walking back into my (our) room.

She didn’t put any food in the fridge, nor other food in the food box.  She didn’t put her stuff in the bathroom drawer we emptied for her, or her toothbrush in the holder.  I mean, all her stuff’s here and it appears she’s been living here, but I’ve been home since 3 (running in and out a bit, but still) and still no sign of her, even though it’s already 9:30.  Maybe it’s because I’m somewhat of a homebody (Jack’s place counts as another home for me, for the record), but this seems really strange to me.

I don’t know if she’s avoiding the place or just incredibly busy. But even if she’s incredibly busy you’d think she’d pop in and say hello to the people she’s living with, right?

I’m a little confused and just a little concerned about the situation, but hopefully it’ll prove to be fine whenever she gets here.  If she gets here, at least.

Ahh, a girl from down the hall came by my room collecting money for domestic violence awareness and I legitimately have zero cash in my wallet.  I told her that but I’m sure she thought it was a feeble excuse.  I hate that.


Thirty Day Challenge: my academics

I’ve always gone to magnet schools, so I’ve had access to a lot of great academic programs and it’s been wonderful.  I place a huge value on education, and, as I’ve alluded to often enough, I go to UNC.  I’m a double major in English and Anthropology.  Clearly, I’m not science minded or math minded, but all the more power to those who are. I’m jealous. I love learning about people.  I’d love to take some psychology courses but haven’t managed to get into 101 yet.  My favorite topic is probably the Tudors. I’m also a fan of Shakespeare.


Montreal picture:


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