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Still Black, Still Proud

I don’t even know what I want to write about right now. I just kinda want to write things.

I’m in the dining hall at the moment waiting for Jack.  I just worked on my Spanish project with two guys on my class.  It’s kinda awful.  We have to make a video and let me tell you, I am no actress.  Nor are my fellow group members actors.  It’s extremely painful shooting it and struggling not to giggle.

And now I’m traveling around with a full trash bag, feeling like a sketchball.  It contains Soltero, our fourth group number who just so happens to be a stuffed bear.  It also contains Soltero’s friend, a grody unnamed stuffed polar bear.

Yesterday was probably my most eventful day of work ever.  I worked an event called “Still Black, Still Proud” – a tribute to James Brown.  The audience was a crazy mix of people.  A group organized a dance competition in the lobby so when we opened doors I saw grandmas dancing with grandpas, hippie college students, a guy with alternating orange and black toenails, and a lot of middle-aged black women.  Basically, it was the best dance competition I have ever seen (not that I’ve seen all that many).

Side note: the girl near me at the table is complaining about the Christmas music playing.  Bitch needs to learn to appreciate!

Back to my eventful day of work: so after this fantastic dance competition (during which I saw an old man slide on his knees down a soul train), I was showing people to their seats.  I led this 60ish-year-old woman to her seat as she chattered about loving to dance.  She then turned to me, looked me in the eye and pointing a finger right in my face, and said: “Remember, you are never too old to get stoned.”  She continued to look at me, waiting for an answer so, writhing with discomfort I said “Umm…thanks.”  Satisfied, she sat down and I walked back up the aisle trying not to laugh aloud.

On an entirely other note: on Saturday I’m going to a military ball.  This is especially strange since Jack is not in the military.  However, two of our ROTC friends are dating even though they’re not really supposed  to be, as they’re both navy, and they’re can’t go together. Thus, Jack is going with Moe’s girlfriend, Sylvia, and I am going with Moe.  Should be interesting.  It severely limits my Spanish-taping time, however.

I’ve never really had to do a project involving filming before and suddenly I have two. It’s really stressing me out.


This is at the U.S. – Canada border.  I actually got yelled at by Customs for taking this picture, so it’s totally illegal. Enjoy 🙂


Politics Suck.

I hate politics.

I don’t say that because it confuses me or because it’s too hard to keep up with. (Although, not gonna lie, I do have issues with both of those things.)

The real issue is that I full-heartedly believe that politicians are complete scumbags.  They say whatever the hell they believe is going to get them elected and then proceed to do entirely different things based not on what they believe needs to be done, but on what they think they need to do to stay in office.

Debates and campaign promises are all fine and  dandy until you realize that there’s no guarantee that the candidates will uphold those commitments once they’re instated.  So I go from listening to them and trying to decide who’s got the best goals and beliefs to psychoanalyzing them and trying to figure out who’s the most likely to actually do what they’ve promised.  I go very quickly from supporting someone who seems to want what I want to supporting the guy who’s saying unpopular things that no one wants to hear, because his motivations are probably (hopefully) purer.

It’s just such bullshit.

My biggest issue is that I don’t even know how to rectify the situation.  It’s so ingrained in politics that I can’t imagine politics without it.  There are a lot of changes I’d like to make to the system to make it less corrupt, but I don’t really think any of  those things would really fully fix the problem.  Not that anyone would make the changes I’d like to see.

I would love campaigns to be extremely limited.  Basically, each candidate would get a chart to fill out with how they feel about each issue and how they think it should be handled.  Then they have an extra space at the bottom for any extra platforms.  That’s it.  No commercials, no billboards that make you want to vote for someone because his eyes are twinkly or her smile’s extra white.  Charisma isn’t the winner here – heart-felt belief is.

I mean, of course that doesn’t guarantee they’ll actually go through with what they put down.  My issue is that people get sucked in by likable personalities.  This also means that whoever has the resources is more likely to get voted for because people feel more comfortable voting for you when they’re more familiar with you.

I would keep debates.  Debates are vital.  I just wish people would say what they mean.

Another thing I would do away with is reelection.  That way, when a President was in office he wouldn’t be so concerned with staying popular so he could get reelected.  I was talking about Obama’s stance (or lack thereof) on gay rights with Jack and Jack said that he thought Obama would work towards legalizing gay marriage when (and if…but probably just when) he gets reelected because he’s worried that if he pushes it people won’t vote for him.

I have such a serious issue with that.  Mainly, what’s more important here: you getting to be president for four more years or the rights of thousands and thousands of people?  Ego check, it’s the latter.  Because what if he doesn’t get reelected?  Not one single one of the Republican candidates would support gay marriage, so that’s another 4 years at the very least before the issue is even considered in a favorable light again.  Not only that, but you are supposed to bettering the country, not stalling four years before actually doing something.

I’m also mad at Obama because one of his campaign promises was to close Guantanamo Bay.  Guess what’s still not closed?

However mad I am at Obama, however, I still think he’s better than any of the Republican candidates.

Sadly, that wasn’t even close to a full summary of my issues with politics.

In sum, politics can suck it.

The end.

Dear John Green,

Someone I’m seriously impressed by is John Green.  He’s an author and vlogger.  After being pushed by my friend Sara, I’ve read all his books (I wasn’t so hard to convince after I’d read the first one), and he’s really a brilliant guy.

What really strikes me about his books is how at first glace they appear to be your typical teenage fluff.  They’re very quick reads and are about high schoolers and their relationships and problems.  What I didn’t expect was the depth with which he handles these usually trivial topics.

My favorite thing about his characters are that they’re very real.  Usually when you read a book like that you have the main character who you love and then the antagonist(s) who you, of course, hate.  But with John Green, all of the characters are flawed.  All his books have main characters that I can never quite decide if I like.  It challenges the reader’s notion that you the protagonist is inherently good and that you should be rooting for him/her and that the antagonist is being evil just for kicks and giggles or because they were raised by Satan or something.

He also deals very well with his subject matter.  Most authors make high schoolers too immature or too mature – it’s not easy to understand the strange stage they’re in.  Even the “best” person is going to have immature characteristics that jump out at you if you don’t happen to be the same age.

John Green also slips in some pretty brilliant quotes.  For example:

“We find it difficult to understand that other people are human beings in the same way that we are. We idealize them as gods or dismiss them as animals.”

That’s from his book, Paper Towns.  I think right there in those two sentences John Green just summed up all the world’s problems.  Could people have enslaved each other if they truly empathized? Whipped them? Tortured them?  I for one don’t think so.

There’s a quote I think fits in nicely from Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game.  This may be a tangent from my love for John Green, but OSC deserves love too:

“In the moment that I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him. I think it’s impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves.”

Back to John Green:

He’s also a very funny guy, both in his books and in his vlogs.  He’s a self-proclaimed nerd, like me, so I can’t help but like him!  And he’s signing the first printing of his upcoming book (which means I’m getting a signed copy, since I pre-ordered one!), which is completely awesome.  Though I do feel bad, as he’s injuring his hand by doing so.

I’m really excited for the book, even though I won’t be in the U.S. when it comes out.  I’ll be studying abroad in Glasgow, so it’s going to be sent to my home address and I’m going to get my mom to send it to me there. 🙂




My Roommate is NOT a Ghost

My roommate is not a ghost!

I had an actual conversation with her! We’re both in the room right now.  It was kinda strange at first – I came back upstairs after doing my laundry to find her asleep in bed.  So I attempted to quietly put everything away then I went to the lounge to do work.  Fourish hours later she was still asleep!  It was kind of impressive and I was very jealous.

I came back from the lounge recently to find her finally awake.  We talked a little bit and now I’m taking a break from work and she’s on her computer. Or taking another nap. Can’t really tell from here.

Now I have to write an essay about the significance of words in Romeo and Juliet. So, back to that. Yay.

I wish I could just sleep.  Still recovering from a killer migraine from last night :/  Almost the weekend though! 🙂


More Montreal!


Thirty Day Challenge: something I miss

Time to read for fun. Seriously. I’m always reading like 4 books at a time here and I never have any time for the books I want to read just because they seem interesting. It’s kinda depressing.

I also miss playing soccer regularly. A lot.

My Roommate, the Ghost

So, I may have dropped off the face of the Earth for a week or so, but whatever.

It’s November 1st, so I am listening to Christmas music and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I wanted to start listening to it about two days ago but decided to wait until after Halloween.

Not that I even celebrated Halloween this year aside from the binging-on-candy part.  I was planning on it.  I even had a brilliant costume idea.  But then I didn’t feel that well and it was cold and rainy outside and I needed to go shopping to get the other half of my costume.  I’m kind of upset that I missed out on Halloween, but I’ll live.  I had a nice night, it just makes me a little sad seeing people’s pictures up in their costumes.

Since Montreal I haven’t really felt like going out.  I like going out, but I really can only do it so often and after going out three consecutive nights there I just haven’t felt like doing anything.  This resulted in me assisting with a party and proceeding to go next door to play my friend’s Kinnect or however you spell it rather than staying to party.  I stopped by for a grand total of two minutes.  It was a good night though – I also played a ton of cards and that was where most of the candy consumption took place.

In other news, I apparently have a ghost for a roommate.

Kelly moved in Monday.  I helped her rearrange furniture and whatnot and accommodated her.  I then informed her that, unfortunately, she moved in at the beginning of Humans vs. Zombies so I would be spending the entire week at Jack’s apartment, which is a more strategic location for the game.

I mean, I spend a lot of nights there anyway, but usually not that many school nights.  I spend every weekend there though, so I stayed there Friday and Saturday nights as well.  Then on Sunday he somehow talked me into sleeping there again.  Then yesterday was Halloween, so I stayed AGAIN, so now I’m finally back in my own room.

I’ve popped in and out a few times during the week to pick these up I needed, and I never saw her.  I thought it was a little weird but figured I must just be missing her.

So, today when I came back (for realsies), I talked to my suitemates who said that they had not encountered her at all in the week I’d been gone.  They hear her get up and shower early in the morning, but she never came and said hello to them.  I would’ve thought she would’ve at least asked them about their shower schedules to make sure she wasn’t going to wake up to take a shower only to realize someone else already was.  But, no.  Apparently, one of my suitemates once heard her in the bathroom and knocked. Kelly called “just a second!” and when she finally said “come in!” she was walking back into my (our) room.

She didn’t put any food in the fridge, nor other food in the food box.  She didn’t put her stuff in the bathroom drawer we emptied for her, or her toothbrush in the holder.  I mean, all her stuff’s here and it appears she’s been living here, but I’ve been home since 3 (running in and out a bit, but still) and still no sign of her, even though it’s already 9:30.  Maybe it’s because I’m somewhat of a homebody (Jack’s place counts as another home for me, for the record), but this seems really strange to me.

I don’t know if she’s avoiding the place or just incredibly busy. But even if she’s incredibly busy you’d think she’d pop in and say hello to the people she’s living with, right?

I’m a little confused and just a little concerned about the situation, but hopefully it’ll prove to be fine whenever she gets here.  If she gets here, at least.

Ahh, a girl from down the hall came by my room collecting money for domestic violence awareness and I legitimately have zero cash in my wallet.  I told her that but I’m sure she thought it was a feeble excuse.  I hate that.


Thirty Day Challenge: my academics

I’ve always gone to magnet schools, so I’ve had access to a lot of great academic programs and it’s been wonderful.  I place a huge value on education, and, as I’ve alluded to often enough, I go to UNC.  I’m a double major in English and Anthropology.  Clearly, I’m not science minded or math minded, but all the more power to those who are. I’m jealous. I love learning about people.  I’d love to take some psychology courses but haven’t managed to get into 101 yet.  My favorite topic is probably the Tudors. I’m also a fan of Shakespeare.


Montreal picture: