What My Future (Hopefully) Holds

“So, you’re clairvoyant, now, right? You can see past, present, and future all at the same time?”

“Oh, yeah!”

“Can you tell me how LOST ends?”

“Harry, there are some questions that even I can’t answer.”

-A Very Potter Musical
Harry and Dumbledore

What I want in my future.

I was to be established in a career, preferably as a book editor.  I want to get married and have 2 or 3 children – at least one boy and one girl (yes, I know you don’t get to pick. And if people are picking by the time I’m having babies I like to think that I wouldn’t choose the sex of my child).  I want to have traveled a lot and lived in another country for a year or two at least.  I wouldn’t mind even living in another country permanently, but I have no issue with staying in the U.S., as long as I get out for a little bit.  I was to still be having little adventures when I’m older and be reading for fun.  I also want to keep in shape.  Oh, and I want a dog.


I’m sitting in the Burlington, Vermont airport again on my way home.  I got here around 2 and my plane boards at 6:51, so it’s not 12 hours but it’s still not a very nice wait.  I’m trying to be productive and write my cover letter for a potential internship this summer, but that’s going really poorly so I’m destressing and writing this instead.  Maybe this’ll get me in gear to write better.  Like a warm-up.  Or maybe this is making it harder, because I don’t write very well on here – it’s very conversational.  Oh well.


Random picture:

Cute little toad Jack and I found while hiking this summer!

Yeah, my fingers are stubby. I know.



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