Excuse my Profanity, But…

My bus was supposed to be here an hour ago.  Guess what’s still not here?

So, I”m sitting in the cold in, excuse me, FUCKING VERMONT, waiting for something that is evidently not coming.  The next bus is at 12:20 tomorrow.  As in, seven hours from now.

I’m not even old enough to get a fucking hotel room so I can go to sleep in a place where I’m not afraid that the lady who won’t leave me alone is going to rob me or rape me or something.  Because some idiot decided that while an 18 year old can buy a house, get married, go to war, etc., etc., an 18 year old cannot get a fucking hotel room.  Or drink, but that’s beside the point.

For the record, I’m not even 18 – I’m 19, so only 2 years off from being able to get a bed to sleep on when stranded in a state I’ve never been to.

I can’t call customer service until 8 am – not even 7, because they’re in the central time zone so their 7 is my 8.  I don’t even know for sure they’ll let me take a different bus since I bought a ticket for a specific one.

So, basically, fuck greyhound.


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