Pig Racing, the Zipper, and Deep-Fried Deliciousness

So, I really shouldn’t even be writing right now, even if I haven’t written since Thursday (or whenever that last post was).  I’ve been mad busy lately.

On Friday Jack and I went and watched the volleyball game and then Late Night with Roy, which is the pre-season basketball show at my school.  It was fantastic – the women’s basketball team went first, and then the men’s basketball team came out.  The women’s was great, but, like most of the school, I’ve never even a women’s basketball game.

The men’s team came out next and they were sooo funny.  They did 5 or 6 choreographed dances, which was fantastic.  Kendall Marshall, who is in my opinion our best player, was not afraid to get it on the dance floor!  And Tyler Zeller was so incredibly awkward, poor thing.

I had a headache the whole time though and it kept getting worse and worse.  The show was so funny though, I really didn’t want to leave.  I had to step out right before they started scrimmaging though, because I felt like I was going to throw up (yay migraines…every noise made me feel a little more nauseated).  So I left and Jack came with me (he’s such a sweetheart.  I told him he could stay but he wanted to come take care of me).  The walk back to my dorm wasn’t long, but every single step made my head throb and it was just awful.  We were supposed to go out with Gracie that night (she was visiting…again. Seems like she’s here more than half of the time), but I obviously couldn’t.  I went to sleep and poor Jack slept on the futon rather than going home.

So the next morning Jack and I went to see my parents and some of their friends in some parking deck where they were tailgating.  It was parents weekend so mine came down for the football game.  We went up pretty early, and I had my coffee mug with me.  I got there and was immediately asked: “So….what’s in the mug?” “Uh…coffee?”

I got asked at least 3 or 4 times – once by my parents – what was in my mug.  It’s ten in the morning and I’m going to see my parents…there is coffee in my mug.  That is all.

Anyway, Jack and I played corn hole against my Dad and his friend and lost magnificently in the first game.  We almost won the second.

So, we left for the game against Miami, where we sat with Jack’s parents.  We lost, which sucked, but we ALMOST won it in the end.  Oh well.

That night, Jack and I met Ty and Gracie (who’re kinda dating) for dessert at Sugarland, the BEST dessert shop ever.  Then Jack and I headed back to his place, where we did homework like all the cool kids.

Sunday we went to the State Fair with Gracie and Ty!  I LOVEEEE LOVE LOVE the fair.  It’s one of my favorite things about October.  My favorite ride, the Zipper, was closed until the very end, so I almost didn’t get to ride it, but I did!

 The Zipper!


Of course, the food was awesome too.  I probably gained at least 5 pounds, if not more.  I ate: a deep fried Three Musketeers, a smoothie, chocolate dipped strawberries, roasted corn, and a cinnamon bun (which was actually really disappointing).

And we got to watch pig racing, which was absolutely adorable.

Anyhoo, I’m leaving for Montreal today!  I need to get back to class now though.


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