Something I’m Proud Of

Something I’m proud of

Doing this really quickly because I need to be studying for my Africa test at one :/

I mean, lots of little things.  The 95 I got on my English midterm, my 96 average in my Africa class, etc. but I don’t think those really count.  They won’t matter in a few months.

It’s not a concrete thing, but something I really take pride in is my independence and strength.  I know that I can take care of myself, no matter what happens, and it’s a wonderful feeling.  I feel like that’s not something a lot of people my age would be able to say confidently, particularly in college.  But I know I can tackle challenges and come out of them on my own and a stronger person for it.

And, now that I’ve tooted my own horn a little bit, time to get back to studying.


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