Why Be a Swan When You Could Be a Duck?

So, this post wasn’t going to be about serious things.  I just wanted to post some pictures, and decided to put up these two bird pictures I took on a walk with my friend two years ago.

I’ve always loved this picture of the duck.  He’s so pretty.  And the swan looks pretty majestic here, too.

But while the swan looks dignified, it also looks dirty.

That’s one thing that’s always struck me about the fixation with swans.  Swans are seen as these wonderfully graceful, lovely beings.  I mean, look at The Swan Princess, Swan Lake, the Black Swan, etc, etc.  But they’re kind of nasty, in reality.

Whereas ducks are never seen as being anything special, but look at this one.  Look how pretty he is!  I love the bright green of his head and neck.  I feel like everyone is so fascinated by swans, which, let’s face it, are pretty much albino geese that make less noise (and everyone hates geese), while the real beauty is usually overlooked.

I think part of that might just be that you see ducks more than you see swans.  But I don’t think you should take that for granted and see something as more beautiful because it’s more rare.

It’s like rare gems.  The rarer it is, the more valuable…but that doesn’t mean it’s prettier.  People always assume there’s a correlation there and there simply isn’t.


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