On a Happier Note….

Picasso cleaning his face. Aww!


When Picasso got older, he grew what we fondly dubbed “butt wings” for some unknown reason.  We actually used to have  to trim them, because things would get stuck in them and they’d get all knotty and gross.  So, this is probably not even nearly as long as they used to get.  Silly, right?


Thirty Day Challenge:

I am a Pisces.  I’ve never thought I fit the description because they’re usually described as shy, mysterious, artsy, and sensitive, but I just read a website that pretty much nailed me on the head.  http://www.gotohoroscope.com/pisces-meanings.html I don’t agree with everything they said – I’m not really shy at all unless it’s in front of a big group and I’d like to think I don’t go back on my promises.  Also, the part about not gaining my knowledge in books is false – though I learn a lot through experience, I also read a lot on things that interest me with the express purpose of learning about them.

I worry about money a lot because I hate the thought of being fiscally dependent on others.  Even now I turn my parents and Grandma down when they offer me money occasionally because I just can’t feel good about taking it.  Really, I don’t even like being emotionally dependent on anyone either.  That’s probably my main problem with my relationship at the moment – I feel so completely dependent on Jack emotionally that I get scared and I start pushing him away.  I keep catching myself doing it and having to stop myself.

Unfortunately, I can’t deny the bit about being prone to brooding, melancholy, and paranoia.  Oh well.  I guess there are worse flaws.  I don’t think I have a particularly addictive personality, unless we’re talking about candy.  I’ve never smoked or anything, but I do drink some, and while I enjoy it, I don’t feel I need to.  In fact, I really haven’t had the desire to drink at all for the past two or three weekends.  It just doesn’t seem like something that needs to be a big deal.



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