Yesterday was wonderful.  Classes were fine, nothing exciting there, but at six I went and played Quidditch for the first time!  It was so much fun.  I played beater and chaser (at different times).  I prefer beater.  I’m much better at it.  It’s probably because I played so much dodgeball this summer while working at camp.  All beater really entails is throwing a dodgeball at the other team.

Jack played too.  It was his second time playing.  They all thought we were really good, but I think this is mainly because the people who generally play Quidditch are not all that athletic.  They’re just nerds like me who want to do it because that’s what Harry Potter did.  However, I happen to be a soccer-playing-nerd, so I did reasonably well considering it was my first time.

I even sustained an injury from Quidditch, which is super intense if you ask me.  I didn’t notice it when it happened, so I can only conjecture as to its cause.  It’s a scrape/bruise/raised lump on my leg (intense, right?!), and I think I must’ve ran into somebody, scraping/hitting my leg on their broom.

Also, ARCTIC MONKEYS TOMORROW. And tomorrow’s University Day, which means classes from 9-1 are cancelled, so no Shakespeare for me!  I mean, I’m not excited about missing Shakespeare specifically, but this means I get to sleep in past 9, which is wonderful.  I got to sleep in past 9 today, too, but that’s because I decided to not go to my other English class this morning.  Oops.

Thirty day challenge: What I’m wearing today.

Today’s not a really good day for this one. I usually put my effort into getting dressed in the mornings but today I just didn’t.  I’m wearing faded jeans that are like 6 years old and miraculously still fit even though I can’t wear this size anymore, my purple staff t-shirt from camp this summer, a green world cup 2010 hoodie (no, I didn’t actually go to the world cup), and Nike sneakers with a Carolina blue check.

Please keep in mind that wearing green and purple together isn’t so bad because you can’t only see one of them at any given time so it’s cool.



On a completely unrelated note, I’m sitting in an armchair in the library and someone wrote on the arm:

“If you choose ignorance…fuck you!” – Aristotle

I had no idea Aristotle was so profane.  Thank you, armchair graffiti-er, for enlightening me.


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