October is such a wonderful month.  Especially this October.  I’d imagine in other areas, October isn’t quite this wonderful, but here the weather is fantastic – some days the weather feels like fall.  Others, like today, there’s a high of 79 and I get to wear shorts.

Reasons why this October is especially awesome:

1. Found out I get to study abroad in SCOTLAND next semester!!! 😀

2. Arctic Monkeys concert this Wednesday

3. Fall break – going to Montreal to see two of my friends

4. Humans vs. Zombies starting October 24th

5. State Fair next weekend

6. Football

I’m sooo excited for all these things.  I don’t even know which is most exciting because they’re all completely awesome.

Thirty day challenge: how comfortable I am with my body.

I’d like to think I’m pretty comfortable with it.  I go to the gym a few days a week and I walk a lot with classes.  Tonight I’m getting exercise in the form of Quidditch!  I’ve never played before and I’m super pumped.  My friend Steven plays and so Jack and I are going to play with him tonight.  I’m pretty thin – I wouldn’t call myself skinny (there’s a difference in my mind) and I’m happy with it.  Of course, though, I’m a 19-year-old girl and it is required that I sometimes feel completely upset with my image.  Realistically, however, I know I’m in decent shape, especially considering all the crap I eat.

I could probably have the exact body I wanted if I gave up junk food, but I’m happier this way.  There’s a happy medium, I think, between sacrificing the small joys of occasional laziness and sweets and completely succumbing to gluttony and sleuth.  I like to think I’ve found it.


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