It’s the Little Things

Currently I’m at the dining hall.  When I got here,  I decided I wanted a waffle.  Once I had made this decision, I got really, really excited about this waffle, and I went over and started making one.  So while it’s cooking, I look over and realize the syrup thing is empty, so when an employee walks by, I point this out.  She says, “no more syrup after 11:00, sorry baby” and walks away.  I look at my waffle, back at the syrup, and at my watch.  It’s 10:55.

Not knowing what to do, I finish making my waffle and open the waffle maker to see, I’m not even kidding here, the most beautiful waffle I’ve ever made in my life.  It didn’t even stick to the waffle iron.  Seeing another guy starting to make a waffle, I say to him, dejected, “don’t bother, there’s no syrup and they won’t put any more out.  I don’t even know what to do with this now.”

I had considered putting ice cream on my waffle and making a dessert out of it until I realized that  they don’t turn on the ice cream machines until 11:00 and it takes them about 20 minutes to warm up.  So this guy says he’ll take my waffle if I don’t want it, so I sadly (though glad not to waste it) hand over my perfect, beautiful waffle.

I just don’t understand.  They leave out the waffle irons all day.  I’ve made waffles for dinner several times.  I guess people just went crazy on the syrup this morning.  But, if you’re going to let students make waffles all day, why not provide them with syrup all day?  Wouldn’t that make sense?

So, instead I’m eating Lucky Charms, which, though magically delicious, are just not the same.

While eating my Lucky Charms, this guy who looked really familiar walked up to me and said, “_____, right?” (insert my real name there).

“…yeah…” I said hesitantly.

“Oh!” He said.  “We met at the party on Friday, remember?

“Yeah!” … mysterious man does not provide name, as he should as I didn’t immediately recognize him, so I awkwardly say “What was your name again?”


At this point I remember meeting this guy.  He told me his name, I said, “Oh, I have a friend named Suresh!” And he corrected me, saying “Sur-osh,” so I figured I’d misheard him.  So, showing I remember I respond:

“Right, I remember because it sounded like my friend Suresh.”

He looks at me funny and says, “…it’s the same name.”

….what?  No.  No, it’s not.  Maybe you spell it the same…but if it’s the same name you wouldn’t have corrected me when I said what is apparently your name as well….so confused.  There’s a girl in my building named Alyssa who pronounces her name “uh-lee-suh” instead of “uh-li-suh” and I don’t think that’s the same name.  It’s like the two different pronunciations of “read.” They may be spelled the same, but one is past  tense and one is present, and they don’t convey the same meaning.

I just don’t understand people today.


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