Mainstream Music. And Other Ramblings.

So Ted’s dad was here and he’s from upstate New York, ex-military, and part deaf, so I’m sure you can imagine he’s not a quiet man.  Every time he’s here I feel like I’m going to jump out of my skin.  Or just punch him in the face.  I was trying to read Shakespeare when he got here and quickly gave up on that idea.  Luckily, he didn’t stay for long because he was just picking up Ted and his girlfriend Erin to bring them back home for the night.

So last night was interesting.  We had a masquerade party, which was pretty fabulous.  Moe, who turns out to be surprisingly artistic, designed most of my mask for me (we got blank masks from A.C. Moore and then decorated them with glitter glue) and it was really pretty.  Before the party, a bunch of the boys thew around a football in the yard while Gracie (who’s visiting from her school) and Erin watched and I juggled a soccer ball by myself (I hit 85! Not a record, but still exciting).  That was especially sad because the only reason we went outside to play was that I convinced Jack, Moe, Steven (just assume anyone I introduce has had their name changed), Ted, and Sam to come out and play soccer with me but Ted decided to bring a football and messed it all up.

They did play soccer with me eventually though which was really nice.  I’ve been dying to play for so long.  I used to play competitively but I’ve stopped now. I miss it more than I can say.


So, quickly (because this topic doesn’t interest me all that much), Thirty Day Challenge: how I feel about mainstream music.

So, that’s a pretty broad category, because any type of music can make it into the top 40, especially recently.  I really don’t listen to the radio because they overplay songs until I get really sick of them, but I like a lot of mainstream music.  It’s generally very catchy and not all that serious, and it’s fun occasionally.  I have a very broad taste though, and I wouldn’t say any of my favorites are mainstream (well, except Adele, who has recently gotten very popular).  I have nothing against it like so many people do because it’s “cool” or “hipster” or whatever to reject anything popular…really, I think it’s silly to dislike something solely because other people like it.  We all know that person who likes something until it gets popular and then insists that they hate it.

I’d say my favorite bands/musicians are (at the moment): Arctic Monkeys, Matchbox Twenty, The Kooks, Adele, Jason Mraz, Josh Groban (this is a recently developed love), and Maroon 5.  I also really love Ke$ha, actually, but I don’t know if I’d call her a favorite. Close call.  I’ve seen Arctic Monkeys in concert once and am going again in two weeks (SO EXCITED!), and I’ve seen Jason Mraz.  Both are absolutely incredible live, if you ever get the opportunity.


In other news, I’m super excited for tonight because Jack, Moe and I are having take two of last Saturday, possibly with Sam this time.  We have leftover s’more materials and will be making those (I’m getting hungry just thinking about it), watching the football game (we’re playing ECU.  ECU students are going absolutely insane over this, pretending it’s a rivalry game, which is ridiculous.  Our rival is Duke, and if we had another, it would be NC State).  We’re also planning on watching a Disney movie (we were hoping for The Lion King but haven’t found a means of procuring it) and Better off Ted, which is a hilarious TV show.

For now, though, I need to go back to reading Shakespeare.  Gotta read 1 King Henry IV by Monday.


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