My Day in Bullets

Daily Challenge: Day Four! Bullet your whole day. Not so excited about this one, but whatever.  I feel like if I’m gonna do a thirty day challenge I should do it right.


  • Wake up at 4:30 am freaking out for apparent reason (yay phobias)
  • Practically run to turn on lights
  • Go back to sleep with lights on feeling safer
  • Wake up at 8:30
  • Snooze for ten minutes
  • Get ready for school
  • Go to the library to meet friend (who I’m renaming) Andie
  • Go with Andie to English
  • Lunch with friend (renaming) Neal at dining hall
  • Study for Anthro midterm in Carnia
  • Boyfriend visits me in Carnia
  • Go to student stores to get bluebooks for exam
  • Go take exam
  • Listen to Pit Preacher on the way home from exam
  • Boyfriend finds me at pit preacher and comes home
  • Rest for twenty minutes
  • Boyfriend leaves
  • Try to work, get on blog instead
  • Work (my job, not homework)
  • Come home
  • Shower
  • Procrastinate. A lot.
  • Write paper
  • SLEEP (I hope)
While I’m procrastinating, a few more tidbits about my day:
There is apparently a totoro in my room.  I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business, and all of a sudden a mysterious bead-thing drops into my lap.  Naturally, I yelped because it surprised me and flicked it off, thinking it was a bug.  But it was not a bug.  As the only thing above me is an unoccupied bed, I can only assume there is a totoro in my room.
Completely unrelated note (my brain is so scattered from sleep deprivation): my TA for Anthro is Colombian and her English is kind of really awful.  There’s a definite language barrier in the class.  She writes things on the board like “he suicides” when she wants to write “he committed suicide” and makes up words all the time.  I have a bad habit of making up words as well, but usually I don’t put them on midterms or anything.  But today, I was writing my essays and as I was writing I’d be like “is that a word?  No, no it’s not.  BUT MY TA WILL NEVER KNOW IT’S NOT A WORD AND I’M USING IT ANYWAY.”  So there, system. I win.

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