Something I Feel Strongly About

Thirty Day Challenge: Day Two!

I could write about so, so, so many things here: racism, gay rights, you name it, but all of those would soon turn into rants about how much I hate people.  So instead, I’m going to write about something a little less cliche: travel.

I am a HUGE believer in travel.  In meeting new people, pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, experiencing new things.  I’m not saying you need to go stay in Singapore or Burkina Faso (fun fact: the capital of Burkina Faso is Ouagadougou and I knew that without looking it up!).  This could mean driving an hour out of your city or a state over.  I’m a particular believer in traveling by yourself.  If you’re daring enough, go somewhere you don’t know anyone and then just meet people.  Or even go somewhere by yourself and stay with someone you know who lives there!

There is so much we need to learn, and much of it is outside the classroom.  It’s vital in today’s world to learn about other people and how they’re different from us.  What’s even more beautiful is, when in a culture that initially seems so different, seeing what they have in common with you.  Seeing that some things are universal, and that, no matter how different others are from you, they’re still people.  Chances are you have a lot in common.

I want to travel soooo badly, and I’m working on it.  This past summer, my family and I went to Alaska.  We were talking to a local girl there and she was talking about all her experiences with bears and how everyone has to carry a gun where she’s from because of them.  We’re all like whoa, that shit’s crazy!! But  then she starts talking about college and what she wants to major in…and I’m like wow, this could be me if my parents had decided to move to Alaska.

Next semester I’m hoping to do a lot of traveling, as I’ve applied to study abroad in Glasgow. I’ll find out the decision in a little over a week, so fingers crossed!  I’m really excited at the prospect of living in another country – very, very different from visiting a place for a week.  I also hope to get a lot of travel in while I’m there – in the UK, Ireland, Continental Europe, and I’m even hoping to get over to Morocco (capital = Rabat) and, if I’m really lucky, Asia.

Also, if you’re wondering (which you’re not, as no one’s reading this) why I know all the capitals of Africa, it is because my professor made me memorize all of them.  So I know the capitals of nations I had not even heard of a month ago.  Like Sao Tome and Principe (capital = Sao Tome).

So, back to the original point.  While there is tons to be learned about other people and unity and so forth, I there’s also much to be said about the things you learn about yourself when you travel.  You learn your limits, how you react in stressful or uncertain situations, what your priorities are..the list goes on.  When you have someone else’s values or traditions to compare to your own, it’s easier to identify what exactly your own are.                         ooh, Alaska!


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