Five Ways to Win My Heart

So, I’m super awake now because of a mini-dance party with my suitemate and I’m making good progress on some (more enjoyable) homework (I gave up on that other assignment.  A woman mystic was telling me that Jesus is my mother..what), so I decided I could justify a REALLY REALLY QUICK post.

I saw this on Gracie’s tumblr a while back (I don’t even have a tumblr, I just occasionally stalk hers.  I could write a rant about that right now but that’d take too much time!), and have wanted to do it since.

And now I have a means to! Yay!

So, it’s called the Thirty Day Challenge.  Day one:


1. Put up with my crazy
Now, I don’t mean like “lock her up, she’s a lunatic!” crazy, but I mean like dancing to Party Rock Anthem in public when no music is playing because it’s been stuck in my head allll day long (this happened last week)

2. Talk to me about books
Bonus points for Harry Potter and Orson Scott Card

3. Make me laugh
This sometimes means being crazy with me, but it also could be telling me lame jokes/puns or telling me funny stories.  It’s really not that hard to make me laugh

4. Have good grammar
Sad but true: I get turned off when I see you’re/your misused or anything similar

5. Have a good outlook on life
This means several things: be a positive human being, be tolerant, love the people around you


Talk to Me!

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