And then Picasso Impregnated Sirius Black…

So, my homework really sucks right now, so instead of doing that I opted to write yet another post. Yayyy….

I’m sure once the novelty of this whole blog thing wears off I won’t be writing like four times a day, but until then….I have a lot to say.

I thought I’d explain the background image on my site.  That was my sister’s (we’re gonna call her Elizabeth) hamster who died three or four years ago.  His name was Picasso.  Picasso was really awesome – I have some really great pictures of him, too.  He liked to climb stairs.

By which I mean, I liked to put him on a step until he got bored of being confined to said step and decided to do something about it.  (He is not, however, to be outdone by Mumble, who, though half his size, can also climb those same steps.  I have a video but for whatever reason can’t upload it. Boo)

His other activities included being cute:

And being bffles with my hamster, Sirius Black.  Now, I thought Sirius was a boy (hence the name Sirius).  When we got Sirius and Picasso from the pet store, they told us as much, as we let them live together.  And they may have had a little bit too much fun, because Sirius’ belly started growing very, very rapidly.  I was confused at first – how is he getting so fat so quickly? But then something clicked.  I did some research, went to Petsmart and bought a new cage because (fun fact:) male hamsters like to eat their babies so you have to separate them.  Because, yes. Sirius Black was a girl.  A very pregnant girl.  Another fun fact: the gestation period for a hamster is nine days.  Andddd yet another: when mommy hamsters get overwhelmed, they eat their babies.  Thus, even though she had ten, Sirius ended up with the two showed with her in the picture below:

And that, my friends, is how Picasso knocked up Sirius Black.


Also, please note:

1. I am not a hamster freak. Promise.

2. Despite the above assertion, I have TONS of good hamster pictures and had to restrain myself from just posting them all.  I probably will continue to post more sporadically.


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