A Cute Kitten Tried to Eat My Hair

So, I was planning on writing this post from Carnia, aka the best place ever.  It’s my name for this little area of four benches surrounded by hedges, and it’s generally where I go when it’s nice outside and I have some time to kill between classes.  However, I ran into my friend (umm…alias Audrey…I hope I’m going to be able to keep all these straight…) and am now sitting on the steps of a building.

Carnia is the best place ever for two reasons:

1. You can only see it if you’re coming from one specific direction

2. It has a bench with the following plaque on it: Brilliant, right?

Needless to say, I sit on that bench whenever it’s available.  Which is to say, almost every time since no one comes here because you can only see it if you’re walking by from one specific angle.


Anyway, I thought I’d talk a little about my weekend.  I had a completely dry weekend (although it did rain a lot…har har, bad joke), and it was really nice.

Friday I went to work and then as soon as I got off started playing the HvZ (Humans vs. Zombies) twelve hour mini-game.  I started about five hours late and the game wasn’t actually twelve hours, but it was still pretty fun.  I ended up going to bed around three.

Saturday, my boyfriend and I (we’re gonna call him Jack) got up and, like a good woman, I made cinnamon buns.  We wanted to watch the football game, which was away, and Jack’s TV kinda sucks so we figured we’d go over to his friend Moe’s (name has been changed) place.  We brought him cinnamon buns in exchange for his TV.

And we got  to play with the kitten who was, at the time, staying at his place.  The kitten (who we mostly just call “the cat” or “cat” anyway) belongs to a girl we’re gonna call Kelly (I had to resist the urge to name her something like “Bitch” or “Ho”).  Kelly, being a dumb bitch, went to a frat, put down her purse (containing keys and wallet), and proceeded to get so drunk that when she woke up she was still at the frat and didn’t remember what had happened.  Her keys and wallet were gone.

Now, the keys being gone posed a real problem, as she was locked out of her dorm room and her cat was there.  Luckily, she was able to check out the spare key (she doesn’t have a roommate) for long enough to sneak the cat out of her room (if my hamster’s illegal in the dorm you KNOW that cat is not allowed), but then she had to return the spare key.  She brought the cat to Moe’s.  She ended up having to get her locks switched and paying for a new key and flex pass, which isn’t cheap.  It’s cool though, because mommy and daddy paid for it because it “wasn’t her fault”…what?

Back on track (these posts end up way longer than I ever mean them to): so we got to play with the cat, who’s super tiny and cute, but we decided we were hungry around halftime.  We trudged through the torrential downpour to Franklin Street, where we took refuge in Four Corners and watched our team lose (sad life).

Later, Jack and I went back to Moe’s and we made s’mores and watched Family Guy and then went to The Varsity (cheap theater) to see Horrible Bosses, which was absolutely hilarious.  I would definitely recommend it.

We went back to Moe’s (again) and played Life like the cool kids we are and I fell asleep afterwards with the cat on my lap as we watched more TV.

This was after the cat decided my hair looked like a fun toy and tried to eat it, which was actually super cute.

And then yesterday was devoted to football. And homework. Yay.

And now Audrey is sleeping using her computer as a pillow. Good decision making.



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