Things I Like

1. Harry Potter

2. UNC (Chapel Hill, of course. The other ones don’t count.)

3. Travel

4. Orson Scott Card (I met him and almost cried)

5. Reading

6. Disney (Favorite = The Lion King. Close second = Hercules)

7. Crocheting

8. Dogs

9. Humans vs. Zombies (A bunch of kids running around with Nerf guns wearing bandannas for five straight days…surely this is what college is about.  Right??)

10. Frappuccinos

11. Cookout milkshakes

12. Coffee (this is an entirely different category from frappuccinos in my mind)

13. Soccer

14. The Bills

15. The Packers

16. Boats (Especially the Sandbar Inn!)

17. Chocolate

18. Waffles

19. Dancing like a spazz

20. Attempting to speak Spanish

21. Singing

22. Nutella

23. Sweettarts

24. Maps

25. Charlieissocoollike ( – he’s fantastic)

26. Hanging with Friends (the game)

27. Postsecret

28. Twitter

29. Gelato

30. Mugs (most of mine are from Goodwill)

31. Hamsters (Especially my super-secret-dorm-hamster)

32. Camp

33. Kids (not in a creepy way, I promise!)

34. Rings (And then God created Saturn, and he liked it, so he put a ring on it)

35. Editing things

I did warn you that I’m a nerd.  I realized even more how much of a nerd I am as I wrote this list, however.  I promise I have friends.


2 responses to “Things I Like”

  1. Tyson F. Gautreaux says :

    This is a cool blog! How long have you been writing?

    • honestamy says :

      Thanks! Writing a blog or just in general? I’ve been just randomly writing things down as long as I can remember, but I didn’t start blogging until a couple weeks ago. Partly I’m trying to get myself used to writing something like this regularly because I’m studying abroad next semester and I know my parents and friends and going to want to be able to read about it!

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