Chocolate and Football and the Magical Sweatshirt

So, I just started this damn thing and it’s already messing up on me…for whatever reason it seems to think that I published my second post before the first.  This is irksome mostly because the post I wrote first was my introduction and the fact that there is now something that supposedly precedes my introduction just doesn’t make any sense.

Blogs are frustrating.

Anyway.  Today I really wanted some quality chocolate so on my way back from my boyfriend’s apartment I stopped by the Walgreens to pick some up (as well as a green apple so I’d have something to dip in the caramel I have in my fridge later).  After some serious debate I ended up going with Cadbury over whatever the Swiss one that comes in the purple wrapper is.  I saved like 50 cents but it was such a mistake.  This chocolate is like falling apart in my mouth (odd, right? It’s not supposed to do that…) and I wish I’d just spent the extra 50 cents. Lesson learned.

So today confirmed what I already knew…I am the proud possessor of a MAGICAL SWEATSHIRT.  So, I have this wonderful, old, beaten up Bills sweatshirt that once belonged to my Dad’s half-brother and somehow ended up with me.

This is weirder than it initially sounds, considering my Dad has never met his half-brother, or any of his other half-siblings, for that matter.  Nor have I.  In fact, the previous owner of this sweatshirt (which I am now wearing, by the way), died of Agent Orange after coming back from war long before I was born.  My best guess is that it was given to my Dad’s sister (who DOES know their half-siblings), who, for whatever reason, gave it to my Dad, who in turn gave it to me.  It’s covered in white paint and is a division championship sweatshirt from 1991 (a year before I was even born), and is wondrous.

So, last Sunday I happened to be wearing this sweatshirt.  My Dad’s from the  north, my mom’s from the south, and we’re all currently living in the fake-south.  I should probably be a Panther’s fan – but let’s be real, who actually likes the Panthers aside from those who feel obligated to?  I was born in Wisconsin, however, so I went with the Packers.  Because of this sweatshirt I’ve kinda always had a thing for the Bills as well.

Back on track – last Sunday I happened to be wearing this sweatshirt and my boyfriend’s roommate (we’re gonna re-name him Ted. If I get a fake name, everyone else should, too, right?) flipped to the game and was like “holy shit – the Bills are actually winning!”  I was shocked, too.  Ted is kinda a Bills fan as well.  His dad is also from New York.  After the Bills won we decided it must’ve been the sweatshirt.  I resolved to wear this sweatshirt during every Bills game all the way through the Super Bowl – because with a sweatshirt this magical, they’re going to the damn Super Bowl.

Today, I was in the shower when the game started.  When I got out, the Bills were being crushed, but I put on my sweatshirt and – lo and behold – THE BILLS FUCKING WON. AGAINST THE PATRIOTS.  WHAT.

Moral: magical sweatshirt is magical.


One response to “Chocolate and Football and the Magical Sweatshirt”

  1. honestamy says :

    Fixed it…now that first paragraph just looks silly. Oh well.

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